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Family Photos

Tommy from 3-6 Months

Here are a bunch of pictures of some of Tommy's milestones from 3 to 6 months.  Click on any of the thumbnails or text for a larger version.

Tommy at 3 months

Here's a close up at about 3 months old:

Click here for the larger version.

Here he is in a very cute fire engine suit:

Click here for the larger version.

Here are some pictures around New York:

in Washington Square Park

at the Met

in Winston Churchill Park

Some more highlights:

his first Thanksgiving

with his Abuela (Abu) and cousins David & Dora around Thanksgiving

Here are some more shots of Tommy:

with cow

in Xmas outfit (posing for Christmas card)

in Elvis outfit

Tommy at 4 months

on changing table

taking a bath

taking his first airplane trip to see Chris' side of the family for Christmas

his first Christmas

here's a close-up on Christmas Day

the Whittle family on Christmas Day

his first New Year's Eve/Day

Tommy at 5 months

at 5 months

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